7 Fashion tips to always have impeccable style!!

04:09:00 John Silva 0 Comments

There are some mistakes you should avoid when you dress, whatever style you prefer. We gathered what are usually without realizing it, to make your life easier!

1. Non touts brands you wear.
Obviously not interested in anyone or additionally, it may give the wrong message that you are interested in brand alone. Try, then, to earn points on appearances you not because they contain known labels, but because they have your own unique style.

2. Do not copy someone else's style.
Even if your template and love his performances, it is preferable to get some ideas rather than copying the entire look. Put your signature to your every look. It is certainly more interesting.

3. Do not wear shoes that bother walking.
It's very simple. What does not fit into our size and style simply did not wear.

4. Try not to combine many different styles into a single look.
Changes to your style and the new trends are welcome, as are mix and match sets. Just try not to do too much, unless you can support completely.

5. Do not overload your set with many accessories.
A statement necklace make a greater impression than ten different together. So you do not need to try every time the look "I wore what I found in front of me."

6. Do not wear clothes that are much larger or much smaller.
All love the oversized sweaters, jackets and t-shirts. But all these have nothing to do with the clothes of a friend who is 2 sizes larger than yours, but we continue to wear them often-dense.